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Test, Measurement & Control Systems Integration
We can help you with as much (or as little) of the development process as you like – from initial feasibility study through requirements development, hardware and software design, construction, installation, final system testing, and documentation.

No project is too small: With the low overhead and flexibility of a small company we handle even very small projects efficiently and with great care. If you're just stuck on some details in your LabVIEW program and need an hour or two of our time - we're still happy to help. Small application projects benefit greatly from our library of reusable code. We can therefore build high-quality and bug-free applications at a reasonable cost and schedule.

Flexibility and quality in large project development
We have established a network of partners with complementary skills and with the same high experience level as our own. Together we can handle larger projects with the same flexibility and quality as we can smaller projects.

A typical system may consist of one or more of the following technologies or components:

  • LabVIEW/TestStand based application software with data storage/retrieval and various forms of report generation.
  • Plug-in data acquisition cards
  • PXI chassis, controller and modules
  • SCXI chassis and modules
  • GPIB Instruments
  • Sensors
  • Serial instruments & transmitters
  • Motion Controllers
  • Test fixtures & enclosures
  • Custom interface electronics

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