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Success requires more than understanding the technology:
Successful test system development requires attention to both technology and the development process itself. Both clients and developers need to understand and appreciate good software engineering practices. Collaboration and communication are critical for success.

Clearly defining roles and responsibilities, using efficient development practices and tools, and handling risks early in the project permits problems to be handled at a stage when their effect on cost and schedule will be minimal.

Our top eight secrets to successful project completion:

  1. We do not let inexperienced engineers loose on your project!
  2. We take care to define and plan the project up-front.
  3. We handle high-risk items as early as possible in the project.
  4. We perform project reviews with stakeholders early in the project.
  5. We test our software early and often during development.
  6. We track project progress against plan and communicate regularly with the client as the project proceeds.
  7. We use Change Control procedures to keep feature creep and cost under control.
  8. Communicate, communicate, communicate.
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